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Ready to transform your practice?  Stonewood Financial delivers prospect-to-close IUL programs that take you from "nice to meet you" to "nice doing business with you."
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Stonewood delivers targeted IUL Marketing Programs that come with compliance-approved, prospect-to-close support: 
  • Industry-Leading Books that can be customized for your practice
  • Client Seminar Packages: Presentations, Mailers and Workbooks
  • Client Handouts, Brochures and more

Tap into The New Rules of Retirement Saving, a 401(k) alternative program for today's active savers, and The No-Compromise Retirement Plan, an IRA Conversion program for Baby Boomers.

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Stonewood's proprietary client proposal software completes the sales process, by delivering the ability to: 
  • Analyze your client's total tax burden in his current savings strategy
  • Compare income projections between IUL and other strategies
  • Evaluate wealth in various economic scenarios
  • Analyze cost and stress test IUL policies

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Stonewood Members have access to in-depth onboarding, comprehensive training, and one-on-one coaching.
Your Membership also comes with complimentary access to IUL Masters Academy Training, the industry's leading IUL training conference.

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