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Prospect-to-Close IUL Program 

Grow your practice using IUL as a 401(k) alternative

Ready to grow your practice? Stonewood Select is a prospect-to-close IUL program targeting today's active savers. You'll access:

  • IUL Select Academy, our industry-leading advisor training course
  • Client Report Software to evaluate taxes and income strategies
  • Prospecting & Marketing materials to attract new clients
  • Group Coaching to keep you ahead of the competition

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Tools to Drive Your Practice Growth

IUL Select Academy Training

Our comprehensive, on-demand training course takes you through each step of the sales process, from prospecting to meeting with clients to closing business. 

Along the way, we'll also teach you the mechanics of IUL, the sales stories that convert in today's environment, and how to position your practice for success.

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Prospecting & Marketing

Seminars. Webinars. Books. An entire catalog of brochures and handouts. 

However you like to market, Stonewood's compliance-reviewed marketing program can help. We offer do-it-yourself and turn-key options all aimed at driving appointments and converting leads. 

Grow your practice with a proven message - any way you like to prospect.

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Software & Client Reports

Close more business with Select custom client reports.

Our reports are designed as both analysis and sales tools, enabling you to  evaluate taxes, compare income, project wealth and determine cost.

Show your clients the value of IUL in real dollars and cents - and compare the IUL approach to their qualified savings strategy. 

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